Stephen Henderson
Artist and Art Professor
Director of Fine Arts
Quinnipiac University

My work as an artist has grown out of a long-standing interest in archaeology, art history and the study of cultures and religions from around the world. In each series, sculptural or two-dimensional, I explore a different aspect of this interest.

Recently I have turned again to Still life painting. I have been interested in this genre since art school when my painting teacher introduced me to the work of Giorgio Morandi and other artists. As a middle-aged artist, I have found again my love for these simple images.

3 series: The Rebbe, Morandi Dreams and Layered, a series of watercolor collages, have formed the basis of my most recent work. Work from each series has been exhibited in national juried exhibitions as well as one artist shows.

In “The Rebbe” series I explore a variety of symbols from the Kabbalah, the Jewish book of mysticism. In a somewhat surrealistic style these brightly colored paintings trace a main character, the Rebbe, through various religious traditions.

Morandi Dreams”, pays homage to Italian still life painter Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964). They are in a diptych format (2 separate canvases joined together to create one work of art) combining the rigid format of still life painting with the expressive nature of the human face.

Each watercolor collage in the Layered series utilizes a different combination of materials – some hand made and some found objects. In some of the works I achieve the appearance of parchment by hand sewing tea stained paper. Others utilize more vibrant colors and images from magazine or newspaper clippings to tell a specific story. Some make political statements, while others simply explore multi-cultural aspects of the same topic.

In my sculptural work I attempt to create work that feels like it has a history. I particularly like the juxtaposition of soft wood with hard substances such as fired clay or bronze. Most series include boxes or other structures that draw the viewer into an intimate space. I frequently combine religious customs or artifacts from various sources as well. Themes including prayer ritual, death ritual and remembrances have marked my work through the years.

Although my sculptural work is more somber and intimate my paintings share the traditions that have marked my work throughout my career. Specifically religious customs, an interest in art history and a feeling of personal intimacy remain characteristic of my work regardless of the media or subject matter.

My work has been exhibted nationally for more than 20 years, has won numerous awards and is included in a number of collections. Please use the contact link for more information.

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